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Most popular portable fishfinders in 2014


Fishing is the hobby to many people, while others do it on a professional level. Before, fishermen used to sit for hours in order to catch their fish and sometimes returned home empty handed. With all the increasing technologies, fishfinders have  been introduced, helping fishermen detect the presence of fish underwater up to several feet. Different fishfinders are available in the market that come with different features – some even fit in the palm of our hands due to their sleek and stylish designs. The models that get the best portable fishfinder reviews in 2014 are given below.


What is the best Portable Fishfinder – Buying Guide


Top 5 Portable Fish Finders ComparedFishing is a sport that gathers more followers with each passing year. Men and women of all ages love to break the town’s silence and succumb in a world of patience and fish luring. Beginners or professionals need by their side professional fishing tools that can improve the way they fish and implicitly enjoy the whole experience. One of the most sought after fishing instruments from the many available on the market today is the portable fishfinder, a wonder device that guarantees you won’t go empty handed back home at the end of the day. How to find the best portable fishfinder? Well, in order to find the ideal answer to this question you have to read this professional buying guide, designed to point out the best characteristics of efficient fishfinder. With reliable information, you will be able to discover the secrets of fishing and go home with great results.

Let’s go deeper in the fishing game and discover without restrictions the ideal fishfinder, out of the many present on the market. Embrace the latest technological findings in matters of fishing, put in the form of advanced fishfinder. Modern-day science developed specific fishing techniques, incorporated in advanced fishfinders which can help you catch more fish than ever. An experienced fisherman should have by his side all that he needs in order to experience a good time while fishing. Now, we will enumerate some features that a high quality fishfinder should have in order to become yours.

Sonar technology

Every professional fishfinder should come equipped with a reliable sonar technology, which brings to light what resides on the bottom of the lake or river. Well, sonar technology sends an impulse from the unit to the transducer which converts it in a sound wave that hits the water. This particular sound wave travels to the bottom and bounces back to the unit. The results will be displayed on the unit and thus you will be able to read better the fish banks.


Every portable fishfinder features power wattage, needed to display the results once you are out there. The fishfinder needs to have a reliable power output in order to use it longer. Peak-to-peak power should be of 800 watts but there are also 3000 watts, recommended for a long period of usage. You should also know that your future fishfinder should accommodate fish deep water conditions.


Every fishfinder will come with a screen on which you will see the fish banks. In order to see with clarity the fish, where they are and how to approach them, the screen needs to come with many pixels. Today, the bare minimum for fishfinder screen is set somewhere around 240V x 160H pixels, more than enough to see the fish. Yet, it is recommended to find products that deliver 240 x 240 pixels.


One important component of a fishfinder is the transducer, the unit responsible with sending out sound waves to the bottom of the water in order to locate the fish. Such devices come in the ranges of 9 degrees to 60 degrees, but most units offer ranges between 16 to 20 degrees.

How to find the best portable fishfinder? Use this buying guide and determine which model should become your personal assistant while fishing with friends or even family. Just scroll up to find what we think are the best portable fishfinders in 2014.


Garmin echo 150 Dual-Beam Fishfinder


Best Portable Fishfinders ReviewsGarmin dual-beam fish finder is an outstanding device with the ability to detect a fish`s presence till 12000 ft underwater. It is very famous due to the powerful sonar, economically affordability, and high resolution screen. The 4” screen makes it more popular than other fishfinders which are available at higher prices in the market. Garmin`s echo fishfinder is the best way to find a fish in less time since the prominent features also include quick release tilt mount that helps in getting a better view underwater from the boat and thus, catching the fish very accurately. The fish are shown inthe 4 Gray-scale displays with the ability to view at an angle of 120 degrees under the water.

“I think this is a very good choice for a fisherman. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the unit. It is easy to install and easy to read even in the sunlight. The unit has a lot of features that are common for more expensive models; I would recommend it to anyone.” – Thomas Elliott

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Humminbird 408120-1 Fishfinder 597ci HD DI Combo


The Humminbird Company has also introduced an exceptional fishfinder with a perfect 5” display. They have presented a new way of down imaging with this device, as the advance sonar processing makes it easier to detect the presence of fish, timber, and rocks accurately in less time. The prominent features include mounting brackets, RTS window (which appears on the right side of the display in sonar view, to detect the presence of fish that are within the transducer beam), dual beam technology (the beams can either be viewed individually or side by side or merged together for a complete picture of what’s happening below) and many more. Its exceptional qualities are what made the people to give it the best Humminbird portable fishfinders reviews.

“I purchased this unit because it offers a large color display, GPS. The best way to start a conversation is to crisp clear view of bottom, small transducer; it is easy to use, accurate in depth. I have not experienced any of the problems with this product so far.” – Ernest Camp

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Humminbird 12 Fishin’ Buddy 4-inch waterproof fishfinder


Millions of Americans love to fish, on rivers and lakes. If you are passionate about fishing then you need to use a powerful fishfinder. Most of the present top rated portable fishfinders reviews underline the efficiency of Humminbird 12 Fishin’ Buddy. This powerful fishfinder can be used on your boat, dock and float tube, letting you fish with ease. The device has an ergonomic clamp mount design, which makes it very easy to install. You will see on the high resolution monochrome display fish banks while the powerful SideFinding sonar, takes in the right direction. More fish, more reasons to smile!

I can’t imagine my life without fishing. This is why I invested in this stunning model from Humminbird, a great fishfinder which helped catch more fish than ever. Whenever I attach the device on my boat, I manage to fish more. It is a great helper during my various fishing expeditions, long or short.” – Quinn Carter

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Norcross Hawkeye F33P Fishfinder


Fishermen before used to sit for hours in order to make their first catch, but those times are gone now. Norcross has now come up with a fish finder with a 25 degree sonar beam angle that exactly detects the positions of fish underwater in the depth of 1.5 to 99.9 feet. It is very easy to install and perfectly fits in the palm of your hand while it is only weighing 1.6 pounds. It comes with two years warranty and the backup time of 30 hours so you can enjoy your fishing without any fears. The exceptional qualities definitely allow it to gain the best portable fishfinders reviews in 2014.

“I am very pleased with this fishfinder from Norcorss. The depth reading is accurate. I love the long cord and the fact of how portable it is. The equipment shows the depths any school of fish is located which is helpful in trying to fish them. Great buy” – Ryan Bennett

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Lowrance Elite-4x DSI Color Fishfinder


Great news for fishermen, Lowrance Elite sonar transducer with its 3.5” display and 320X240 (VXH) resolutions, is included among the company’s best seller products. The crystal clear image of underwater world allows the fishermen to know where the fish are so he can increase the number of trophies he can catch. This fishfinder will also give you info about the water’s bottom, if it is just sand or full of algae.

“This is a very good and accurate fish finder. It has very clear screen with numerous background color selections to help with different lighting conditions. The screen is very easy to read and the overall interface is very easy to work with. I am very happy with this product” – Donald Mitchell

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Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder


Garmin echo fishfinder is a great way to find where fish are. This outstanding device hasthe ability to detect a fish`s presence up tol 19000ft makes it above all the fishfinders available in the markets. The prominent features include powerful sonar processing; high screen resolution with 5” display, all having one purpose to fulfill, to locate the fish for you. It is suitable for both fresh and salt water fishing. Experienced fishermen conclude by naming it as one of the top rated portable fish finders in 2014.

“This fish finder has helped me catch more fish, by locating them immediately. With its help I am aware of everything that is going on underneath the water level and this proves to be quite the advantage. I definitely recommend it for salt water fishermen.” – Sean Emetic

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